A little unexpected miracle

sun conure

When Sister Jo was asked to serve as the leader of our community in Culver City last December, she accepted and brought with her two birds with her from from Honolulu: Ipo and Pukalani.

I love cockatiels even though I have never owned one ( I have babysat them for friends along with a neurotic parakeet, however). Sun conures are in the same family; they are loud and have lots of attitude. They talk, have a piering caw (if that’s what you call it; hold your ears! They sound like someone is tormenting them but all they want is your undivided attention!), and can do funny things.

A little back story. I have always loved music and singing. However, I have been told that this is not my gift. Our Daughters of St. Paul Choir never even let me try out! Imagine!

Well imagine what happened yesterday.

I went out on the patio to see the birds and hand feed them some pop corn (yes, hand feed; they have their standards.) I started humming a little song to them as I have done so often over the past several months; they calm down and stare at me.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, Pukalani gently expanded  her wings and started rocking gently back and forth, “dancing” to my tune. I was enchanted! It was a little unexpected miracle.

Simple, plain, and true. I am still smiling.

  Sister Jo with Ipo and Pukalani

Sister Jo with Ipo and Pukalani


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