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St. Augustine on love
February 16, 2010

Once and for all, a short rule is laid down for you: Love, and do what you will. If you keep silence, do it out of love. If you cry out, do it out of love. If you refrain from punishing, do it out of love. Let the root of love be within. From such a root nothing but good can come. – St. Augustine (350-430AD) Sermon on 1 John 7-8


The Art Spirit
November 18, 2009

A friend gave me a copy of Robert Henri’s 1923 book “The Art Spirit”. I found this quote on page 145. It made me think that art and grace go hand in hand.

“I am always sorry for the Puritan, for he has guided his life against desire and against nature, He found that he thought was comfort, for he believed the spirit’s safety was in negation, but he has never given the world one minute’s joy or produced one symbol of the beautiful order of nature. He sought peace in bondage and his spirit became a prisoner.”


The Art Spirit

By Robert Henri, 1923

Basic Books, New York (2007 imprint)


God’s Dream
November 2, 2009


God’s Dream

By Charles Peguy

The Lord God said: I myself will dream a dream within you,

Good dreaming comes from me, you know.

My dreams seem impossible,

not too practical nor for the cautious man or woman;

a little risky sometimes,

a trifle brash perhaps.

Some of my friends prefer to rest more comfortably

in sounder sleep with visionless eyes.

But from those who share my dreams

I ask a little patience,

a little humor,

some small courage,

and a listening heart – I will do the rest.

Then they will risk and wonder at their daring;

run, and marvel at their speed;

build, and stand in awe

at the beauty of their building.

You will meet me often

as you work in your companions who share the risk,

in your friends who believe in you

enough to lend their own dreams,

their own hands,

their own hearts,

to your building.

In the people who will stand in your doorway,

stay awhile

And walk away knowing that they too can find a dream.

There will be sin-filled days

And sometimes a little rain –

a little variety both come from me.

So come now, be content.

It is my dream you dream,

my house you build,

my caring you witness;

my love you share

And this is the heart of the matter.



Breathing space
September 3, 2009

breathing space

On Tuesday I had to wait at the doctor’s office for an hour before he could see me. Knowing this might be the case, I decided to bring some reading from home rather than browsing the celebrity magazines, which is ok (it helps one collect trivia for game shows). But I had started reading Pope Benedict’s latest document, the encyclical “Charity in Truth” or if you prefer the Latin: Caritas in Veritatae  and I got hooked.

The Pope lays out the Church’s social teaching in this document. At first this may sound intimidating but the language, the English, is remarkable: in places it is almost poetic.

I have been pondering this quote for two days and I thought I would share it with you:

“Without the perspective of eternal life, human progress in this world is denied breathing space.”

Breathing space. Without the thought of heaven as the end game, human progress will have nowhere to expand, to develop, grow.

This made me think of the Amazon forests, the lungs of the world, hundreds of square miles of the earth’s lungs being destroyed ever week for profit, not progress. Breathing space.

The overcrowded slums of the world. Breathing space.

We need the thought of heaven to motivate us to do the right thing.

Breathing space.

Just breathe.

Breathing space is grace. When we take the time to just breathe, we open ourselves to inspiration. To do the right thing.

Legends of the hummingbird
September 3, 2009


I bought a Papyrus card (their logo is a hummingbird) the other day. Inside was a paper that said:

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

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