Come & See (and confront that duck of a religous vocation!)
September 21, 2009

come and see

Has anyone ever asked you if you would like to become a nun? Or better yet, a sister? (All nuns are sisters but not all sisters are nuns).

I remember when Sister Margaret was visiting our community during her discernment time (back in the day). She had already finished school and had been working for three or four years in an office in Manhattan. I asked her: “Why now?” And she replied, “Because no one ever asked me until now.” 

One Saturday two of our sisters had been visiting the families in Sr. Margaret’s parish with the books that we print. Mrs. M. invited the sisters in and introduced Margaret to them. In the course of the conversation, one of the sisters asked Margaret, “So, did you ever think of becoming a sister?” To which she replied, “Yes.” And the rest is history.

As Julia Child told novice French cooks back in her television days (and is recounted so well in the film Julie & Julia) that the first thing one had to do to cook this particular kind of poultry was to first of all, “Confront the duck!”

Have you ever thought God might be calling you to religious life as a sister (or a nun)? Is the question of your vocation the duck in your the cookbook of your life? Are you thinking about just what it might be that God created you for? If following Christ in vowed discipleship, in a community committed to being and communicating Christ in the world today, is of interest to you, we invite you to a discernment weekend. It could be the graced encounter you have been waiting for.

On behalf of our communityI am pleased to pass on this invitation from Sister Tracy :

Come and See!

Discernment Retreat with the Daughters of St. Paul

FRIDAY, OCT. 30 – SUNDAY, NOV. 1, 2009

Daughters of St. Paul Convent

3908 Sepulveda Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90230

The Daughters of St. Paul welcome single young women ages 18-30 for a weekend retreat at our convent to explore the life and charism of the Daughters of St. Paul.

The weekend will consist of prayer with the sisters, conferences and other activities to help you understand the life and mission of the Daughters of St. Paul. 

While on retreat, vocation direction is available for those who wish to speak further about discernment and the call to religious life.


For more information or to make a reservation, contact 
Sr. Tracey Matthia Dugas, fsp


Contact us if you are interested in an informal weekend Vocation Retreat experience for exposure to our life and prayer.

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